Jekyll and Hyde Chapter 4

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  • Jekyll and Hyde Chapter 4
    • "a fog rolled over the city"
      • Pathetic fallacy of the fog over London. Represents Utterson's mind
    • "The night was brilliantly lit by the full moon"
      • Gothic setting of London
    • "an aged and beautiful gentleman with white hair
      • Despcription of Sir Danver Carew which highlights on his innocence
    • "such an innocent and old-work kindness of disposition
      • Danver Carew is an respectable man
    • "he broke out in great flame of anger... carrying on like a mad man"
      • Hyde has no self-control and is easily angered for no reason
    • "Mr Hyde broke out all bounds and clubbed him to Earth"
      • Hyde is released from within Jekyll and attacks Carew
    • "first fog of the season"
      • Utterson's mind is clouded again
    • "this mournful reinvasion of darkness"
      • Jekyll is again submerged into his evil Hyde
    • "like a district of some city in a nightmare"
      • Jekyll's fears and sins seem to be reflecting upon London


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