Jekyll and Hyde Chapter 3

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  • Jekyll and Hyde Chapter 3
    • "all intelligent reputable men and all judges of good wine"
      • Jeykll hosts a dinner party to men which belong to the professional, Victorian society
    • "the loose tounged had already their foot on the threshold."
      • Reference to the theme of secrecy and the idea that gossiping was immodest
    • "the expense and strain of gaiety
      • The Victorian society find indulging in pleasures to be an effort
    • "a large, well-made, smoothed faced man of fifty"
      • Physical despcription of Jekyll. Opposite to Hyde
    • "but every mark of capacity and kindness
      • Jekyll's personality
    • "an ignorant blatant pedant"
      • Jekyll describes his past friend Lanyon and how close-minded he is.
    • "The moment I chose, I can be rid of Mr Hyde"
      • Jekyll reassures Utterson Hyde can be rid of easily. Ironic as later Jekyll keeps on returning to Hyde.
    • "The large handsome face of Dr Jekyll grew pale to the very lips and there came a blackness about his eyes."
      • Jekyll seems to be ashamed and does not want to discuss his evil side - Hyde.


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