Jekyll and Hyde Chapter 1

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  • Jekyll and Hyde Chapter 1
    • "lean, long, dusty, dreary and yet somehow loveable"
      • Mr Utterson is a serious and solemn lawyer who is not explicitly expressive. Despite being unemotional, old, worn and bored or boring, he is still likable.
    • "He had an approved tolerance for others..."
      • Utterson is an understanding character who has the willingness to tolerate the existance of opinions that one dislikes or disagrees with.
    • "his affections, like ivy, were the growth of time"
      • Utterson's friendship strengthens with time
    • "a certain sinister block of building thrust forward"
      • The back of Jekyll's house represents Hyde's persona. The rear door is truly the hidden-self, private eye of Hyde.
    • "Blistered and distained"
      • The back door is physically in poor condition - similary to Hyde's apperance
    • "the man trampled camly over the child's body and left her screaming on the floor.
      • Hyde's first known crime. The juxtaposition of the brutality of Hyde's actions with the complacency of his reaction adds to the horror.
    • "really like Satan"
      • Hyde is again, compared to the devil himself
    • "He's an extra-ordinary looking man..."
      • Hyde's apperance is unique and out of the ordinary.
    • "Let us never refer to this again"
      • Both Utterson and Enfield swear not to gossip again


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