Jekyll and Hyde- setting and symbolism

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  • Jekyll & Hyde-setting & symoblism
    • Setting
      • London was associated with darkness
        • Less respectable areas
        • The streets are seen as threatening and dangerous
      • Stevenson uses the moon to highlight parts of the setting
        • Carew's murder is '' brilliantly lit by the full moon''
          • This makes it more dramatic, as its under a spotlight
        • The moon is also used to add a spooky atmosphere-in 'The last night'
          • The moon is described as ''lying on her back''
    • Symbolism
      • Fog symbolises mystery
        • The fog has come indoors which represents how deeply Jekyll has hidden his secret
      • The laboratory symbolises Jekyll's shame
        • He transforms it from a place of ordinary science into one of dark experiments
      • The respectable main house is at the front and has an ''air of wealth''
        • At the back there's a laboratory, with a back door that's ''blistered and distained''
          • This symbolises Jekyll's personality- he's outwardly respectable but inwardly sinful


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