Jeff Buckley- Grace

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  • Jeff Buckley- Grace
    • Technology
      • Effects- whisper, reverb, slides, delay, mandolin effect, scoops on the tremolo arm, hitting the body of acoustic guitar
    • Melody
      • Telephone EQ effect- added to vocal melody in 'M8' harsh distant effect
      • Verse 3 melody higher, high pitch vocal improvisations in outro using melisma and falsetto
    • Tonality & Harmony
      • D major
      • Ambiguous at start verse, pre-chorus and chorus are modal (tonic of E)
      • Bass guitar provides pedal note "D" power chords
      • Harmonies modal- Em, Em/F5, Em/Eb5
      • Pre-chorus- Em, F# dim, G6, A6, Bm, A6/9
      • Chorus- Em/F5, Em, Eb5
      • Hummed vocals
    • Tempo & Rhythm
      • 64 bpm= dotted crotchet
      • Acoustic and hi-hat "driving" song forward
      • Verse more emphasis on toms
      • Drum roll to middle 8
      • Cymbals in verse 3
      • Solid rock beat
      • 12/8
    • Form & Structure
      • Intro
        • Verse 1
          • Pre-chorus
            • Chorus
              • Link
                • Verse 2
                  • Pre-chorus
                    • Chorus
                      • Middle 8
                        • Link
                          • Verse 3
                            • Outro
    • Instrumentation
      • Drum kit, Bass guitar, Three electric guitars, Acoustic guitar, Lead vocal
      • Backing vocals and strings- used for effects or to raise tension, by adding texture
    • Texture
      • Textural
      • Verse becomes thinner
      • Strings play pizzicato
      • Polyphonic in middle 8
      • Thick texture in verse 3
    • Facts about set work
      • Released on 23rd August 1994
      • Lyrics based on a dream Buckley had about a girl not wanting her boyfriend to leave- about death


Samuel Richardson


A very good mindmap with some simple, and some more explanatory notes on 'Grace' by Jeff Buckely with lovely colour coding. Would look good on your wall!



a simple mind map that was easy to understand but doesn't include everything (for example rhythm or expression)

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