Jean - Jacques Roussea

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  • John - Jacques Rousseau Context
    • Increasing separation of man and nature
      • Argument against
        • Character of Heathcliff
          • Wild, uncontrollableand animalistic
          • "He gnashed at me, and foamed like a mad dog"
        • Cathy and Heathcliff's relationship blossoms on the Moors
        • Edgar and Cathy's relationship
          • "It was not the thorn bending towards the honeysuckle ,but  the honeysuckle embracing the thorn"
            • Edgar is the honeysuckle - sweet and pleasant.
            • Cathy is the thorn - prickly and dangerous?
      • Arguments For
        • Cathy becomes civilised after spending time away from Heathcliff and WH
          • "Instead of a wild hatless savage...there lighted a very dignified person"
            • Time without Heathcliff civilised her?
        • Heathcliff returning as a more presentable man after being away from WH and the Moors
          • "his manner was even dignified: quite divested of roughness"
    • Increasing unhappiness and loss of virtue
      • Arguments Against
        • Cathy and Hareton relationship
          • "I hear him trying to spell and read was extremely funny!"
          • "And now, kiss me , for minding so well"
    • Society imposing restraints on an individual
      • Arguments For
      • Arguments Against
        • Frances is assumed to be of a lower class, and yet Hindley marries her anyway
          • "What she was or where she was from he never informed us "
        • It was frowned upon to have relationships with someone of a lower class
          • Cathy and Heathcliff have a wild and passionate relationship
          • "I saw four distinct impressions left blue in the colourless skin"
    • Humans having an innate sense of justice and virtue - leads them to principled action
      • Arguments For
        • Heathcliff wanting revenge on Hindley
          • I'm trying to settle how I shall pay Hindley back...I hope he will not die before I do"
        • Hindley killing himself after the death of Frances
          • "He has spent the night drinking himself to death deliberately!"
          • He didn't cope well after Frances' death
          • Also, he treated Hareton very badly as a result of his grief and alcoholism
      • Arguments Against
        • Heathcliff doesn't kill Hindley, even though he could have
        • Nelly - she is present for all of the events happening at WH or TG, and mostly just observes them
          • EG. Cathy's despair when Heathcliff leaves
          • Hindley's violent nature towards Hareton and herself
          • Heathcliff's depression and his death
          • She sees all of this, but rarely takes effective principled action


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