Jay Gatsby

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  • Jay Gastby
    • Gatsby is a man of mystery
      • even though the novel is names after him we don't meet him till ch 3 and then don't learn his real story until much later - increases intrigue and mystery
      • Nick confesses that Gatsby is 'exempt' from his 'unaffected scorn' which encourages the reader to find out why he is special
      • In the first half of the novel the only info about him is outlandish rumours
    • The contrast between 'the man' and 'the act'
      • Gatsby rarely lets his mask fall so it's difficult to work out where the man ends and the act begins
    • He represents corruption of the American Dream
      • in order to achieve it he had to completely reinvent himself
      • Gatsby's dream of obtaining Daisy fails because of his class which suggests the American dream is no longer feasible
      • Gatsby's dream of an idealised Daisy falls away to reveal the corruption that money causes, which also reinforces the idea that the American Dream has been replaced by the selfish and immoral pursuit of wealth


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