Jason's quest

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  • Jason's quest for the fleece
    • 1. Jason decided to gather companions for his quest, so he sent out an invitation to all the great warriors
    • 2. The gods gave Jason magic wood to build his ship, the argo. the sailors of the ship were known as the argonauts.
    • 3. The argonauts faced many adventures on the way to Colchis, such as sailing through the clashing rocks and defeating the harpies
    • 4. At last the Argonauts reached Colchis where King Aeetes greeted them warmly
    • 5. When he learned that Jason had come to take the golden fleece he was very angry. The king said that Jason could have the fleece if he completed the following tasks.
    • 6. First Jason had to train two bulls that breathed fire and that had horns and hooves of brass
    • 7. Then Jason had to plough a field with the bulls and sow the Dragon's teeth
    • 8. Finally Jason had to overcome the Dragon that guarded the fleece.
    • 9. He was sad as he knew that he could not do these tasks. However the King's daughter, medea, told him that she would help him if he agreed to marry her.
    • 10. Jason agreed and Medea gave him an ointment  to protect him from the bulls fiery breath.
    • 11.Then she told him that  soldiers would spring out of the ground and the only way to defeat the was to throw a rock in the middle of them and they would start attcking each other
    • 12. Finally she gave Jason a potion to send the dragon to sleep.
    • 13. The next day everything went to plan and Jason completed all the tasks.
    • 14. The King was furious and he persued the argonauts. Medea decided that the only way to stop her father was to cut up her brother and throw him into the sea. The king was distraught and he collected the peices of his son. the argonauts then escaped.


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