Jane Eyre Chapter 15 - 16

Hi, just thought id make a quick mindmap with notes from Jane Eyre chapters 15 to 16. Hope its helpful. Im not too sure what my exam board i'm pretty sure its AQA is but enjoy!! :)

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  • Jane Eyre
    • Mr Rochester
      • Fell in love with Celine Varens
      • Calls himself a 'spooney' - easily fooled
      • Angry at himself
      • Re-lives the night Celine cheated on him for Jane
      • He loves and hates Thornfield
      • He believes he cannot corrupt Jane
      • He is horrified that Celine would go for such a 'man'
      • He catches Celine out
      • Sets Celine free and gives her some money for necessities
      • Talks about the Bible
      • He has a sense of humor - he says pilot is more like him than Adele
      • Doesn't think Adele is his child
      • Thinks Jane will leave because she knows about Adele
      • De-personalizes Adele
      • Tells Jane about his travels
      • Glad it was Jane who saved him from the fire
      • Wants Jane to show affection
      • Like Jane - wont let go of her hand
    • Celine Varens
      • Adele's Mother
      • Doesn't think Rochester is good looking
      • Pretends to be upset when caught by Rochester
      • French
      • Uses Rochester for his money
      • Pretty
      • Possibly lied about Adele being Rochester's
      • Sleeps around
      • Materialistic like Adele
      • Leaves her in Rochester's care
    • Jane
      • Feels closer to Adele - like they are both orpans
      • Kinder to Adele as she knows her story
      • Jane is happy whilst Rochester is around
      • Thinks Rochester is better looking
      • Falling in love with Mr Rochester
      • Doesn't forget Rochester's faults
      • Worried about Rochester leaving
    • Chapter 16
      • Rochester tells everyone that he was reading and the candle he had set fire to the curtains
      • Jane is surprised to see Grace Poole because she thought that it was Grace who set fire to the masters rooms
      • Jane tells Grace that she thought the noise she heard was pilot and then she told her she bolted her door. Jane also thinks that Grace is threatening her
      • We can tell Jane is falling in love with Rochester because she doesn't want to stop talking about him, she eagerly awaits his arrival, she is upset that he goes to stay at friends house
      • Jane gets jealous of Blanche Ashton as well


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