Jane Eyre Chpt 32

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  • Jane Eyre chpt 32
    • “In spite of his “Christian stoicism, when she went up and addressed him, and smiled gaily, encouragingly, even fondly in his face, his hand would tremble and his eye burn."
      • Jane admires St John for his control just like Helen Burns
    • The third paragraph on page 424 shows how St John would sacrifice himself in order to achieve paradise
    • “‘With all his fimness and self control,’ thought I, ‘he tasks himself too far: locks every feeling and pang within - expresses, confesses, imparts nothing."
      • Juxtaposition between St John and Rochester
    • “as if he went and laid his genius out to wither, and his strength to waste, under a tropical sun."
      • Foreshadow’sSt John’s death
    • Page 431 talks about a place in heaven
      • Metaphor for sacrificing life
      • Rhetorical Questions
    • St John resisting Miss Oliver foreshadows resisting him
    • Page 432 St John describing himself
      • Shows his faith is so extreme Bronte is portraying it at nothing


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