Jane Eyre Chpt 20

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  • Jane Eyre chpt 20
    • The weather at the start of the chapter juxtaposes the evening
    • Gothic atmosphere at the start of the chapter
    • “It came out of the third story; for it passed overhead. And overhead - yes, in the room just above my chamber - ceiling” Page 238
      • Bertha’s prison is above Jane’s room
      • Emphasises how Bertha is Jane’s alter ego
        • Suggests if Jane was to stay with Rochester she would go mad as well
    • “I heard thence a snarling, snatching sound, almost like a dog quarrelling” Page 241
      • Simile
      • Alliteration
      • Imagery
      • Anthropomorphism
    • “wild beast or the fiend” page 243
      • Gothic Language/Imagery
    • The description of the flowers outside on pg 249 suggest a sense of freedom and contradict what’s happening inside Thornfield
      • Gothic weather
    • “He gathered a half-blowed rose, the first on the bush, and offered it to me.” page 249
      • Connotations of Beauty and the Beast
      • Represents Rochester’s damaged past - he’s not perfect
    • Page 250 Rochester explains why Mr Mason must be kept in the dark about Thornfield
      • Foreshadows Mason stopping the wedding
    • “‘I like to serve you, sir and to obey you in all that is right.’” page 250
      • Jane stays true to her morals and principles, very gothic heroine like
    • “The west wind whispered in the ivy round me; but no gentle Ariel borrowed its breath as a medium of speech: the birds sang in the tree tops; but their song, how ever sweet, was inarticulate
      • Alliteration
      • Personification
    • “‘ A strapper - a real strapped, Jane: big, brown and buxom; with hair just such as the ladies of Carthage” page 253
      • Big and shapely
      • Describes Betha as well as Blance trying to marry Rochester just like Bertha
  • Foreshadows Mason stopping the wedding


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