Jane Eyre Chpt 19

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  • Jane Eyre Chpt 19
    • More about appearance and disguise
    • “‘Did you? You’ve a quick ear’ ‘I have; and a quick eye, and a quick brain’” pg 227
      • Intertextuality
        • Little Red Riding hood
    • “‘You are cold’” “‘You are sick’” “‘You are silly’” pg 228
      • Use of triplets to describe how Jane describes herself
    • “‘Don’t keep me long; the fire scorches me.’” pg 232
      • Metaphor for passion Mr R is rekindling it
    • Page 233 shows how Rochester has observed Jane
      • Foreshadows her choice to not be Mr Rochester’s mistress and to leave Thornfield
    • “‘I cannot tell till I have thought it all over. If, on reflection, I find I have fallen into no great absurdity, I shall try to forgive you; but it was not right’” pg 234
      • Rochester is manipulating Jane
        • Challenging her priority
          • Typical of a gothic villain
    • “‘Jane, I’ve got a blow, Jane!' He staggered. ‘Oh, lean on me, sir’” pg 235
      • Foreshadows Rochester’s future dependence on Jane (gradually increasing)


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