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  • Feminist Approach To The Family
    • Overview on families life
      • Feminists are critical of the family as an institution and its role in society as it mostly gives a negative impact on the lives on women.
      • Canalisation describes the way parents channel their children's interest through the social construction in primary socialisation process
      • Families can be seen as preparing children for their gender roles in a male dominated society which then helps to reproduce gender inequalities
    • Criticisms of feminist approaches
      • They do not take into account families with shared power
      • Marxist approaches argue that inequality within families is linked to capitalism not patriarchy
      • Funcs see the family structure as benefitting for society
    • Christine Delphy and Diana Leonard exploitation in families and marriage
      • They focus on unpaid aspect of housework. They define housework as unpaid work done by women
      • Housework includes cooking, cleaning and shopping so less visible work
      • They argue that the family is patriarchal. Families maintain mens dominance over women and children. In this way, patriarchal families maintain the patriarchal nature of society.
    • Example of gender being instilled since birth
      • Babies tend to be dressed in blue or pink depending on gender
      • A girl who sees her mother doing cleaning and ironing may assume that such tasks are women's
      • A boy who is encouraged to help his father with home improvements or washing cars


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