jane eyre chapter 7

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  • Jane Eyre Chapter 7 summary
    • Jane tries to settle in at Lowood however she finds this hard as of all the new school rules and how she doesn't get enough to eat
      • Also because she is always cold because of the thin clothes
    • Jane tries very hard to fit in and as if things weren't going bad enough Mr Brocklehurst shows up and calls Jane a lair
      • After calling her a lair she is forced to stand on a stool for the rest of the day and all students and teachers are told to ignore her
        • Jane is however comforted by the secret smiles of Helen and other students
    • Mr Brocklehurst is a hypocrite as he says a girl with long curley hair should have it all cut off then his wife and children enter with ringlets in their hair
    • Miss temple encourages and motivates the girls to carry on even through tough conditions
    • KEY CONTEXT Lowood is based on where Charlotte Bronte went to school
    • Jane hear Mr Brocklehurst giving Miss Temple instruction on how to run the school he is mostly saying that she needs to be harsher and cruller
      • Miss temples gentle wisdom and strength of spirit. she also shows an underlying disrespect of Mr Brocklehurst's severity


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