Jane Eyre Chpt 35

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  • Jane Eyre chapter 35
    • “I felt how, if I were his wife, this good man, pure as the deep sunless sirocco, could soon kill me,”
      • St John would have killed Jane physically and her soul
      • Religious man killing someone emphasises irony
      • oxymoron
      • Her soul would die as well as herself
    • “I was almost as hard beset by him now as I had been once before, in a different way, by another. I was a fool both times” Page 482
      • Both Rochester and St John are pushy to woman - comprised
    • “I might have said, ‘Where is it?’ for it did not seem in the room, nor in the house, nor in the garden; it did not come out of the air, nor from under the earth, nor from overhead.” page 483
      • Supernatural
    • “It was my time to assume ascendancy. My powers were in play and in force.” page 484
      • Making it about herself not Rochester or St John
    • Last sentence on page 484 transcends conflict by realising in order to live she must follow her own choices
      • Bronte making the point that educated woman like Jane are much more ideal
      • Found her own God and sublime feelings


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