Features of James Horner's Titanic: 'Take her to sea, Mr. Murdoch'

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  • James Horner's Titanic-Take her to the sea, Mr. Murdoch
    • Large Orchestra
      • Wide use of percussion to represent..
      • Doubling parts, creates fuller texture
        • Rapidly changing textures
    • Folk theme: 'The Leaving Of Liverpool'
    • Lydian Motif at opening
      • Imitation of rising figure based on opening of melody (Bar1-3)
    • Rhythmic motif e.g. semi-quavers repeated (Bar 4-7)
      • Ostinato patterns over pedal notes: Bar 8-20
        • Dominant pedal: Bar 33
      • Scotch-snap rhythm
      • Syncopation
    • Rising Bass (bar 4-7)
      • Rising scale figures from bar 21
    • Climax is at bar 28
      • Wide range of dynamics- gets louder
    • Dance idea in 5/4
    • Fast harmonic rhythm
    • Changes in tempo, gradually gets faster


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