James I and Foreign Policy

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  • James and Foreign Policy
    • Success
      • "James's policy of peace spared England social and economic dislocation." - Durston
      • "Colossal sums" would have been needed which England did not have
      • Europe free from religious conflict until 1618
        • Other people also to blame e.g. Frederick refused to give up Bohemia
      • James showed more moral leadership than Pope - was trying to stop P & C fighting
      • Navy had fallen into decline - Lockyer
        • England not able to fight
      • English armies raised were no match for French and Spanish mercenaries
      • Parliament have a naïve belief a cheap naval war will pay for itself
    • Failure
      • Unpopular and drove a wedge with his subjects
        • Spanish match
      • James overestimated his influence and was unrealistic
        • England was not a superpower that Spain should worry about
      • James pursued the Spanish match longer than the Spanish were interested
      • James naïve - 1622 asks Pope to end 30 years war - Catholics winning
      • Increasing gap between king and people - could lead to civil war
      • James absent from 1621 Parliament hunting
      • "the revolt of the mice" Venetian Ambassador on Spain's reaction to England declaring war


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