James ii, mary, anne

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  • James II, William and Mary, Anne
    • political
      • 1704 the tack- as an attempt to pass the occasional conformity act the high Tories tacked it on the end of a major money bill, however it was defeated as Anne's ministers persuaded Tories and Whigs to vote against it
      • parliament invite william of orange to invade england 1688- glorious revolution
      • 1707 union between England and Scotland-The act of settlement didnt apply in scotland so wanted to prevent jacobite restoration, war with france in 1702 could lead to a french/jacobite invasion of england through scotland,Gave £20,000 in bribes, gave compensation for those who suffered in the darien disaster
      • William-didn't side with either Tories or Whigs- more concerned about war with france rather than domestic affairs
      • 1689 bill of rights-Couldn't have a standing army Couldn't raise taxes Couldn't be catholic Couldn't subvert parliament laws
      • 1711 Occasional Conformity Act passed- stopped dissenters from taking the anglican communion to bypass the test act
      • Triennial act 1694- had to be called at least every 3 years and could only last 3 years
      • 1701 Act of settlement- secured James I granddaughter as successor, Couldn't leave the realm without parliaments consent, Had to be Anglican
    • ecomomical
      • 1694 bank of England formed- financed the wars
    • foreign policy
      • Spanish succession war 1701-1714
      • 1706 Marlborough military victory at Ramillies
      • 1713 Treaty of Utrecht between Britain, Dutch and France
      • 1689-1696- 9 year war- against france
      • Battle of the Boyne 1690-against jacobites  in Ireland
    • Religious
      • James Declaration of indulgence 1687&1688
      • Toleration act 1689-granted non conformists freedom to worship however william was disappointed  It didn’t allow dissenters into parliament, or government offices
      • 1710 Sacheverell trial-lasted 3 weeks, tory mobs in london, burned down dissenter churches
      • Schism act 1714-prevented nonconformists and catholics from educating their children in their own schools. however on the day the act was to take effect Anne died so it wasn't enforced
      • 1688-7 Bishops trial- opposistion to the declaration of indulgence- judges ruled in bishops favour
      • 1686 Godden V Hales case- 11 out 12 judges ruled in James' favour, it allowed him to bypass the 1673 test act this angered parliament


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