James I and Parliament

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  • James I and Parliament
    • First Parliament 1604-10
      • First Session March-July 1604
        • James explored the possibility of a closer legal union between his two kingdoms. Faced opposition from parliament.
      • Second Session November 1605- May 1606
        • Meeting in the wake of the Gunpowder Plot. More unity. Legislation targeting Catholics. A financial settlement was harder to agree upon. James got subsidies around £400,000.
      • The Great Contract 1610. Both reluctant as they stood too much to lose.
    • The Addled Parliament 1614 (it was short)
      • Issue of impositions was a major issue. Commons wanted a meeting with Lords to stop the King from further use of impositions. However, the Lords refused to debate the issue. Bishop of Lincoln said it was a matter of royal prerogative.
      • James dissolved it after 2 months as he realised that Parliament would not grant him the funds he needed.
    • 1621 Parliament
      • Thirty Year's War had begun in 1618. Foreign policy was a key issue. James did not want to enter the war 'Rex Pacificus'. Puritans did.
      • James agreed to the impeachment of Francis Bacon as he needed money to assist his son-in-law Frederick V of Bohemia in the war.
      • James announced his intention to marry his son to the Spanish Infanta. Met with vocal opposition. Ripped page out of common's journal. Ended in 1622.
    • 1626 Parliament
      • James broke of the Spanish match. James was now resolved on war with Spain and called parliament for funds. James was granted a number of subsidies. Relations were positive.
      • Commons focused on attacking Cranfield.


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