James Green

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  • James Green
    • Content
      • His style of work is the mixture between creative landscape; but he mostly mixes it with motion
      • His main focus of this image is the bright  pathway in the snowy mountain
    • Process
      • He first had his camera set on shutter speed SLr which took the ikmage of a care going past in a slow motion leaving all the light the car left
      • The most copmicating part of the process would have been deciding when to take the image because the car may be going too fast or too slow for you.
    • context
      • The environments are distance roads with landscape
      • Untitled
    • Mood
      • His images are creative. They inspire you to take the respond to his work
      • He makes you feel like this because of the mixture between (motion and cretative landscape) in his work
      • By making these images, i think he was trying to make us see that anything is possible
      • I think he was feeling proud and creative whilst taking these images.


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