James' Foreign Policy Aims and Parliament's Reaction

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  • Foreign Policy and Parliament's Reaction
    • Summary: James wanted peace in Europe, and parliament had little influence. However, if James wanted war, he would have to go to Parliament for finance
    • Peace with Spain 1604
      • James wanted to end the long war with Spain
      • He was willing to ditch his Dutch allies
      • Fairly easy - Spain also wanted peace
      • Parliament was largely favourable as it was cheaper
      • Some protestant MPs and merchants were against the treaty
    • Marriages
      • Princess Elizabeth's marriage to protestant  Prince Frederick of Palatinate
        • A protestant alliance to counter the marriage between the French and Spanish
        • Parliament was strongly in favour as it was a protestant match
      • Prince Charles' potential match with Spanish Princess
        • To balance his protestant alliance with a catholic marriage to maintain overall peace
        • Very strong negative reaction from Parliament
          • The children may be brought up Catholic
          • The Infanta may hold public Catholic services
          • Spain might expect England to fight the Dutch
          • James may covert to Catholicism
          • Didn't trust the Spanish to be reliable allies
          • There was a initial acceptance of James' foreign policy, but this broke down as Protestant MPs feared Catholicism


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