Jamaica - Reducing the development gap

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  • Jamaica - Tourism
    • About
      • Island in West Indies with 2.7Mn pop.
      • Tourism, Bauxite (mineral) and Energy are growth sectors
      • Tourism with stunning beaches and cruise ship hub provide employment and income
    • Economy
      • Tourism 24% GDP (2014) with $2Bn annual
      • Annual 1.1mn cruisers spend $70 whilst 2.5mn tourist spend $120 daily
    • Employment
      • Tourism provides 200,000 jobs and boost local income
      • Learn new skills with better-paid jobs and QOL
    • High levels of investment in North coast infrastructure but improving roads and airports slow
    • Northern tourism are has wealthiest houses and high quality but near to poor and limited housing
    • Economy
      • Mass tourism erodes footpaths and harmful emissions and waste
      • New water treatment plant at Logwood and community ecotourism


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