re jairus' daughter

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  • Jairus' Daughter
    • Jairus was a synagogue official who should have been hostile towards Jesus
      • "Don't bother the teacher"
    • Jesus only took his inner circle into the house
      • Peter, James and John
      • Jesus commanded the dead girl to arise with his God given authority
        • "My child, get up!"
        • She may have been in a coma
          • "She is not dead but asleep."
    • People were already mourning here when Jesus got there
    • Those who had seen the miracles of Jesus told others. Then those people told others, and so on. At this time, God had not sent a prophet for 400 years, so these people were not used to seeing miracles.
      • When Jesus arrived, teaching a new message about God’s kingdom, and performing miracles, it was the talk of the town.
        • Jesus did not want people to know about the miracle, and ordered the people not to tell anyone what they had seen


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