Jahoda's Deviation from ideal mental health Limitations

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  • Jahoda Deviation from social norms: Limitations
    • Cultural Relativism
      • Criteria culture-bound.
      • Apply to non-western, non-middle-class find a higher incidence of abnormality.
      • EG: Individualist, self-actualisation relevant but not  for collectivists.
    • The Criteria
      • We all don't fit all the criteria, all abnormal to some degree.
      • Not a clear stage where we are defined as abnormal, how many do we need to be lacking in.
    • Mental health and physical health
      • Doctors use signs of health to detect physical, can you do this for mental?
      • Physical causes easily shown whereas many mental causes are not, normally consequence from life experiences.
      • Cannot diagnose mental like physical.


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