Jacob marley

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  • Jacob Marley
    • Terrifying
      • "the spectre's voice disturbed the very narrow in his bones"
    • Exhausted
      • "I cannot rest, I cannot stay, I cannot linger anywhere"
    • Direct
      • "I am here tonight to warn you"
    • Theme
      • Redemption
        • Scrooge is lucky - Marley implies that most people are already doomed to their fates, but Scrooge will get one last chance at redemption
    • Marley's face on the door
      • Scrooge reasures himself that marly is dead. This unnerved Scrooge
    • Marley meeting (Ghost)
      • Scrooge puts it down to food poisioning
      • Chains of sin -  weighing him down now. also was a money lender like Scrooge
      • Marley made the chains when he was alive. He cannot escape them. "I wear the chains I forge in life


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