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  • Jack
    • Savagery
      • Initial signs of savagery
        • Hunting
          • Painting faces
          • Love of killing Pigs
          • Killing "sow"'s not male pigs shows irrational thinking
        • Bullying of Piggy
          • Not giving him food "arent i having none"
          • "shut up fatty"
      • Chanting
        • "kill the beast ,cut its throat, spill its blood"
        • "We'll do our dance"
      • The "Tribe"
    • Killing of Simon and Piggy and hunting of Ralph
      • "Only the tearing of teeth and claws"
      • "stick sharpened at both ends"
      • "The rock struck Piggy"
    • Symbol of Hitler
      • Roger As **
      • Tribe as SA


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