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  • Jack
    • Jack is the leader of the choir and is very proud of himself!
      • hunting pre-occupies him more and more as the novel goes on. However at the beginning he doesnt want to do it.
        • Towards the end he becomes more +more violent and wants to hunt Ralph.
      • Contradicts himself a little.
    • Jack paints his face to hunt and it makes him do more savage things.
      • sets up his own tribe and gets more power hungry.
        • it gradually becomes  dictatory and bosses the choir around.
          • He begins to undermine Ralph and he is unpleasant + short tempered.
            • He steals piggys' glasses and beats up Wilfred
      • He pretends not be scared of the beast but 'shivers' and 'croaks' when he see's it.
    • After  he hunts a pig, he doesnt care about the ship.
      • He has no remorse for Piggy and declares to be chief. Lost his name and lost his mind.


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