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  • Ivf
    • Ivf is a gift from god
      • You have to have hormones to have ivf treatment
      • Surrocy
        • Surrocy is when you have a baby for someone else
        • You have ton pay the person who has your baby
        • surrocy is a gift from god
          • You should take it as a gift
        • some people have the baby but then cant give it to the person they had the baby for because they get to attached
    • I vf is when someone else cant have a baby so they have treatment in stead
    • You should be greatful to have a baby because they arew really preseuse
    • most babies are concieved by sexual relantionship
      • Some people dont think ivf is right but others do and they have ivf treatment.
    • The sperm comes from a donar from somebody else
    • Everychild once they are 18 have a right to know who there parent is once there 18
    • You should love and charish having a baby


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