Italian Libya

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  • Italian Libya
    • Libya taken control of by Italy after the Italo-Turkish War of 1911 and 1912
    • In 1939, some Libyans granted Italian citizenship
      • This meant that Libyans could rise in the military or civil organisations
    • After the enlargement of Italian Libya with the Aouzou ***** of land, Fascist planned a further extension of the south
      • During WW2, there was a strong support of Italy from Libyan Muslims
    • In September 1940, the Italian invasion was launched from Libya.
      • In January 1941 - 125,000 Italian soldiers held hostage by the British.
        • Hitler sent Rommel and the Afrika Korps to Libya to prevent a complete rout of the Italian Forces in North Africa.
          • A significant humiliation for Mussolini and the Italian military prestige


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