Issues surrounding life after death

Mind map on issues around life after death including divine election, problem of evil and disembodied existence

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  • Issues Surrounding Live after Death
    • Problem of Evil
      • Theodicies rely on notion of free will and justification of evil by rewards after-life
      • Augustinian Theodicy
        • God can allow evil because of Human Sin
        • Resurrection of Jesus allows the potential for Human redemption
        • Suggests eternal Hell - But is eternal damnation immoral for a finite sin
      • Irenaen Theodicy
        • Born immature so pain in life allows growth to full potential
        • Hick suggest that God as all loving will save everyone
          • But Swinburne argued ultimate freedom required freedom to eternally damn oneself
    • Divine Election
      • General Christian teachings are against Predestination
        • 'No one is predestined to Hell' (Catholic Catechism)
      • Some believe that God decides who will be in God's Elect
        • Reference to 144,000 who will be saved from book of revelations
        • Divine election is not the same as predestination - but does this remove the significance of free will
      • Belief held by Calvanist, some Lutherans
    • Disembodied Existence
      • Identity would be in mind or soul for this to be the case
      • H.H. Price suggests that existence would be in a mental world where dreams and perceptions could be shared with others
        • But Hick argues this is just a individual world of desires
      • NDEs are evidence for disembodied existence
        • Susan Blackmore dismisses these as chemical reactions in a dying brain
      • Telepathy and ESPs suggest a mental world and some people can communicate with this world


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