Issues associated with a multicultural societies

Mindmap showing the issues relating to multicultural societies. 

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  • Issues of a multi-cultural society
    • Racial,Ethnic and Religious tensions
      • Racial, ethnic and religious and language differences can lead to tensions between groups.
        • Often due to misunderstandings between groups.
      • Racial violence can be a problem.
        • London bombings on 7th July 2005 caused an increase in assaults against muslims
      • Opposition to certain customs and religious practices.
        • For example the "Banning the Burqa" debate.
          • Some debate that it violates women's rights while others say that a ban violates the right to expression.
    • Housing and Assimilation Issues
      • Housing
        • Many ethnic minorities live in communites as they can socialise with members of the same ethnic group
          • They have access to the  right facilities and many feel safer in communites
          • However this can lead to ethnic segregation and lead to racial tensions
        • Many immigrants have low paid jobs in the inner city.
          • Many live in low cost, poor quality housing
            • Children often grow up and live in this area as it is much easier to buy low cost housing then it is to move elsewhere
          • As the community grows, it may spread out and adopt the  culture of a larger group
            • This leads to membes of the minority feeling as if they are losing their own culture
            • This is called cultural assimilation
    • Economic issues
      • Immigrants claiming benefits can increase tension on public services and can cause resentment among other members of the population
      • High levels of unemployment may lead to people thinking that immigrants are "stealing" their jobs
        • Leading to more racial tension
    • Education issues
      • At some schools, most children are from a minority and may need extra help.
      • Faith schools develop to teach children according to a particular religion. This can lead to segregation.
      • Holiday patterns, school meals and school timetables may need to be altered for ethnic minorities.
        • For example, some schools in Manchester have to close to allow Muslim pupils to celebrate the festival of Eid
    • Language issues
      • Immigrants who do not speak English often struggle finding a job
        • This may lead to them claiming benefits. See  economic issues.
        • Younger generations are more likely to speak English - Which can lead to older generations feeling their culture is being eroded.


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