Issues facing urban areas

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  • Issues for urban areas in richer parts of the world - London
    • Problems of growth
      • many people want to live in London and not move elsewhere
      • not many jobs
      • as growth continues, housing is going to become ore difficult
      • lots of traffic
      • increase of pollution
    • Social problems
      • can have a big effect on people living in London such as:
        • crime
        • homelessness
        • families without a car
        • graffiti
        • single parents with large families
    • Economic problems
      • the population means it can have a bad effect on the economy and can be very expensive.
        • people will be unemployed
        • house and flat prices will increase
        • time lost because of traffic congestion
    • Environmental problems
      • the environment is most effected my growth
        • noise and air pollution caused by traffic
        • river becomes polluted affecting animals and their habitats
        • many empty buildings and derelict estates
          • these take up space which could be used for new houses
    • The Cycle of Poverty
      • 3) environmental problems
      • 2) poor living conditions
      • 4) few educational opportunities for young people
      • 1) low incomes
      • 5) many young people leave school early with no job prospects
      • 8) Conditions get worse
      • 7) area becomes run down
      • 6) poor living conditions and few prospects lead to crime


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