issues affecting public health

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  • Issues affecting public health
    • Housing
    • Sanitation
    • Disease
  • Sanitation
  • Disease
  • Barriers to public health provision
    • Issues affecting public health
      • Housing
  • Overcrowding
    • Families lived in one or two rooms
      • Little ventilation
        • Poor access to running water
          • Lack of drainage
            • All linked to growth of disease
              • Massive sanitation problems
                • Germ Theory discovered, 1867
                  • Life expectancy was low
                    • Influenza, Scarlet fever, measles could also result in death
                      • Epidemics - Cholera (1831-2, 1848-9 and 1866)
                        • Toilets were outside shared with other houses
                          • Waste collected by night soil men and sold to farmers
                            • Ash privvies emptied physically
                              • Water from stand pipes was carried
                                • Water was expensive to buy so was carried from wells or streets
                                  • Poor quality water = disease
                                    • Lack of compulsory legislation - laisse faire
                                      • Barriers to public health provision
                                      • Vested interests - people who made money out of the cuurent system
                                        • Ignorance- especially of the cause of disease
                                          • Too much peicemeal, local legislation which was not systematic


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