Issues of Charles II

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  • Issues of Charles II
    • Political
      • 1660 Declaration of Breda- offered a free pardoned to those who swore loyalty to the crown
      • may 1660- parliament declares  that government ought to be by "king, Lords and commons"- shows parliament support for charles
      • 1660- indemnity & oblivion act- pardoned everyone except regicides- shows that charles kept his word
      • Cavalier parliament- established 1661 until 1679 shows  stability
      • 1663 northern uprising shows opposistion
      • The exclusion crisis 1679-81- parliament against the succession of Charles'  catholic brother James. Titus Oates made it worse with his popish plot.  Charles sent James to Brussels to diffuse tensions. The exclusion bill passed its second reading 207-128 however Some mps chose not to vote (174). 1680 Charles prorogued parliament 7 times .Charles  attended sessions in the lords to show support. parliament offered Charles £600,000 to support the bill.
    • Economic
      • 1662- hearth tax- affected bakers and blacksmiths shows bad economic decision
      • Charles took money from the french and dutch in return for an alliance
      • 1681- Charles secured finance form Louis XVI £40,000 upfront and £115,000 every year for 3 years
    • religious
      • 1660 Savoy house conference- between Anglicans and puritans- shows that Charles is willing to discuss religion
      • 1662-the act of uniformity -Quaker act  strengthens the church of England
      • 1664- conventicle act- harsher laws on Catholics- Charles allowed it to lapse in 1668 parliament  withheld a subsidy of £300,000 until he passed a harsher act in 1670- shows example of clashes with parliament over religion
      • 1665- 5 mile act harsher laws on dissenters
      • 1672 declaration of indulgence- shows Charles' religious tolerance- parliament forced him to withdraw the declaration and pass the 1673 test act
      • 1676- danby commissions the compton census- over 100,000 dissenters in england
    • foreign policy
      • 1665 -start of second dutch war- loss of this war blamed on Clarendon- shows Charles ruthlessness
      • 1672 start of third dutch war


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