Issues in the inner City of Liverpool (2)

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  • Issues in the Inner City of Liverpool
    • Regeneration
      • 1980- new approach in the inner city
      • Aimed less towards middle class - more towards local communites
      • Funded through partnerships with groups in the inner city council
      • The Eldonian  Initiative
        • Partnership between council and local communities
        • In an area of Terrance housing - north of the city
        • The area had...
          • Good community spirt
          • High unemployment
          • Limited facilities
        • Solution
          • build bunglows
          • Community facilities
          • This attracted investment
          • Increased skills
      • Priority  Neighbour Action Plans 2001
        • Labour government identified to tackle causes of social and economic deprivation
        • 21 Neighbour hoods
          • 5 neighbour hoods involved in Toxtieth Riots
        • Funding from gov. EU and local councils
        • Aims
          • 1. Improve training and skills of the working age group
          • 2. Improve service provision
          • 3. Improve local housing and the envirnoment
          • 4. improve health awareness and provide greater access to heath services
          • 5. Reduce local crime
    • Impacts of Rengeration
      • Derelict sites cleared - now have a vibrant economy
      • Population increased- By 12,000 since 1991
      • Improvements brought
        • 17,000 new jobs
        • 80 km of new/ improved roads
        • 4,000 new housing units
      • Many residents- high salaried workers employed in new offices and high technology industries
      • Inner city populated by middle class - Liverpool reurbanised
      • Gentrification = former working class housing being replaced by high quality private residential developments
      • improved physical environment and attractive city centre
      • Higher income groups = more diposable income
        • attracts new services and provides more tax revenues for local authorites
      • A variety of new entertainment facilities + leisure facilities
        • attract a number of tourists - 6 million annually
      • European capital of Culture in 2008
        • Generates 14,000 new jobs
        • considerable investment
        • Increases tourism
      • Liverpool vision
        • city council and government
        • plan to further development to CBD
      • Poverty still in some areas
        • no easy method of tackling
      • Government looking at partnerships with local communities to improve neighbour hoods + try to raise the skills of local people
        • Hope to create a workforce with the skills required for new industry


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