Issues in the inner city of liverpool

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  • Issues in the Inner City of Liverpool
    • Background
      • West coast of England
      • Major port
        • Good location for trade with America and West Africa (Colonial times)
      • Pop. grew rapidly C19th
      • Emigrants left from here to America
      • 2nd most important city in British Empire
      • pop. peaked in 1937 - 850,000
      • Since then the city has gone into decline
    • Reasons for decline
      • Dock outdated
        • water too shallow for container ships
      • off loading of ships used machines to lift so people became unemployment
        • Mechanisation
      • C20th trade with Europe more important
        • Liverpool was not accessible
      • Decline in manufacturing associated with ports
      • Poor image for investors
        • of abandoned docks, high unemployment, derelict buildings, failing pop.
      • High crime in tower blocks
      • 1980s- one of poorest cities in the UK
    • Regeneration in Liverpool
      • Conducted by Merseyside Development Corporation
      • Funding: Central Government
      • 1981-1998
      • Aim: to create an environment that would be attractive to outside investors and halt the decline in pop numbers
      • 1. International Garden Festival
        • involved cleaning contaminated land in dock and building an exhibition park
        • Displayed elements of past and present history
        • Prestigious development
        • Improved environmental impact
        • No economic advantage
      • 2. Albert Dock
        • most ambitious
        • Covers large parts of the old port
        • Historical architecture of old dockside buildings
        • Upper floors converted to expensive apartments
          • £260,000
        • Ground floor - variety of activities
          • e.g. offices, recording studio, shops
        • used to develop tourism
          • e.g. art gallery, maritime museum, beetles expreience
          • 6 million tourists
      • 3. The Marina
        • Middle class housing development
        • Yacht club built- to attract middle class residents
      • 4, The Queens Dock
        • Modern office development
        • provided a range of office jobs
      • 5. Brunswick Dock
        • Modern business park
        • provide employment opportunites for local people


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