ISSUES AND DEBATES - Nature / Nurture debate

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  • Nature / Nurture debate
    • Nature
      • environment can have impact in utero (in the uterus)
      • passive - parents pass on genes and create environment
      • passive - children seeks out environments to fit with their genes
      • reactive - people react to you in a certain way bc of your genes
      • difference between people is due to the environmental experience
        • below average environment - diff due to environmental factors
        • above average environment - diff due to genes
      • brain development from combination of genetics & experience
        • MAGUIRE - taxi drivers have more developed parts of the brain associated with spatial awareness abilities, through experience
        • BLAKEMORE - illustrated importance of experience on brain development
      • OGOD hypothesis - one gene, one disorder
      • biological prepardness - biologically programmed to fear a certain range of things (spiders, snakes etc)  - survival value


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