Haiti Case Study

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  • LEDC Earthquake Case Study-Haiti
    • Effects
      • Primary Effects
        • Transport and communication links badly damaged
        • 250,000 homes and 30,000 other buildings inc. President's Palace+60% of government buildings destroyed or badly damaged
        • Hospitals (50+) and schools (1,300+) were badly damaged along with airport control tower
        • Main prison destroyed-4,000 inmates escaped
      • Secondary Effects
        • Bodies piled up in the street decayed, causing diseases like cholera
        • 1 in 5 lost their jobs because of destroyed buildings-clothing, Haiti's largest industry was one of the worst affected
        • 316,000 people killed and 1 million made homeless-3 million affected overall
        • People squashed into shanty towns or onto streets-health, sanitation and looting became problems
    • Responses
      • Immediate Responses
        • $100 million in aid given by USA and $330 million by the EU
        • 810,000 placed in aid camps, 115,000 tents and 1 million plus tarpaulin shelters provided
        • Lack of emergency response due to poor planning and access-people had to rescue others by digging through rubble
      • Long-Term Responses
        • Support still needed for those without jobs-70% of population-through cash or food-for-work schemes
        • 4.3 million provided with food rations in the weeks following the earthquake
        • Temporary schools created and new teachers trained
        • 1 million still without homes after 1 year
    • Causes
      • Conservative margin-friction between plates
      • Convection currents push the plates forwards
    • Facts
      • Poorest country in Western world
      • Biggest earthquake in 200 years
      • 2010
    • Development Indidcators
      • 2.8 years of education on anverage
      • 12 vehicles per 1000 people
      • GDP per capita=$1,300


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