Issue 2 - Lying

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  • Issue 2 - Lying
  • SE
    • Depends on the situation.
    • No act has intrinsic value or disvalue.
      • The only thing that matters is the consequence.
      • As long as it instills the most Agape love, it is the right thing to do.
    • Example situation
      • An innocent girl is marrying a man with syphalis without her knowing.
        • Patient-Doctor personality means the Dr can't tell her.
          • A lie will have to be told at somepoint.
            • Either the Dr will tell the girl and lie to the man about saying anything, or the Dr will lie to the girl about the mans condition.
            • If the man lies about this, he will likely lie about other stuff to the girl too.
              • Thus, in this situation the Dr would be permitted to lie to the man and tell the girl the truth.
                • Reasoning:
                  • It's dangerous and unloving for the girl.
                  • The mans acts show a lack of love for ones neighbour.
    • Another example where lying is permitted:
      • A nurse lying to a schizophrenic to get them clam for treatment.
        • Classed as a loving act as the nurse is comforting them and also then able to treat them to help their condition.
    • Strengths
      • Flexible
      • Compassionate.
    • Weaknesses
      • Too subjective (may be used to justify lying where it is not actually needed)
      • Eventually break down trust (a society where lying is permissable)


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