Isolation in Duffy + Larkin

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  • Isolation in Duffy/Larkin
    • Isolation = positive
      • 'Oslo'
        • "Not to speak the language makes you innocent again, invisible"
        • Duffy had links to gambling
      • 'The Importance of Elsewhere'
        • "Insisting so on difference, made me welcome"
        • "Living in England had no such excuse"
        • Larkin worked in a library in Ireland for a time
      • Honourable mentions: 'Dockery & Son' + 'Self's The Man'
    • Isolation = negative
      • 'Room'
        • "one chair to sit in"
        • "watch the lodgers' lights come on in other rooms"
      • 'Mr Bleaney'
        • "one hired box"
        • "shivered, without shaking off the dread"
      • Honourable mentions: 'Stafford Afternoons' + 'Beachcomber'


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