Historical events that happened during the month of Ramadan.

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  • Historical events that happened during the month of Ramadan.
    • The Prophet Musa (AS) passed away:
      • The prophet Musa (AS)  was sent to the children of Israel by Allah was asked by him to preach the oneness of Allah to  the Pharaoh , the King of Egypt and his people.
        • But the Pharoah and his courtiers cruelly rejected him and his brother the Prophet Harun (AS).
          • Finally Allah asked the Prophet Musa (AS) to lead his people out of Egypt.
            • The Pharoah and his huge army purused them ut the Prophet Musa (AS) and his followers miraculously crossed the Red Sea, while the  Pharoah and his army were drowned in it.
    • The Battle of Guadalette:
      • In Ramadan the 92nd of Hijrah (711 C.E.) a slave of the Umayyad governor of Africa and his troops faced against the King of Spain.
        • Tariq Bin Ziyad was born a slave but this didn't stop him from being the World's best generals.
          • He landed on a large rock  at the bottom of Spain-this place is named after him.
            • He burned boats that him and burned his comrades from the Maghreb (region in Africa).
              • This extreme motivational tool worked and despite being outnumbered by the enemy the Muslims managed to defeat the King of Spain at the Battle of Guadelette.
                • Furthermore the Muslims tried to take over the whole of Spain and most of France.
                  • This began eight hundred years of Muslim rule in Andalusia; the European enlightment group proved that Muslims and all religions could live in harmony until the Spanish inquisition.
    • The Horns of Hattin:
      • Salahuddin is one of the most awesome heroes in Islam.
        • He defeated crusaders and reclaimed Jerusalem for Islam and for the Muslims.
          • He also had impeccable timing.
            • He had been slowly circling the Crusader Kingdom for years.
              • He was building his strength neutralising weak points within his own ranks and playing a massive game of chicken with the Crusader King.
                • In the month of Ramadan (1187 C.E.) this game came to heads with both sides.
                  • What followed was less of a battle by Salahuddin: he owned his enemy tactically physically and mentally.
                    • When the dust settled the Muslims had triumphed  the leaders of the    Crusader King were prisoners and the road to Jerusalem was clear.
    • The prophet Isa (AS) was raised to the heavens:
      • Prophet Isa's (AS) birth was a miracle.
        • Allah gave him the miraculous ability to cure the blind people and bring the dead to life.
          • Later the people turned against him deciding to crucify him but Allah saved him which was a miracle.
            • The people then crucified another in his place.
    • The beginning of the revelation to the Prophet Muhammud (SAW):
      • In the ten virtues of Ramadan it was indicated that the Qu'ran was first descended from Lawh Al-Mahfiz to the first Heaven on the night of Laylatul Qadr.
        • Lawh al-Mahfiz means that the Quran is protected from all kinds.
          • The Quran was sent down in parts upon the prophet Muhammudud (SAW) over a period of twenty-three years.
            • The first five verses of Surah- 'Alaq  was revealed to the Prophet Muhammud (SAW) in the cave of Hira' in Makkah.
              • This was brought by the Angel Jibril on the seventeenth day of Ramadan.
    • The first women to accept Islam:
      • After  Prophet hood was officially handed to the Prophet Muhammud (SAW) the first person the he informed was his  wife Khadija Radiya Allahu 'Anha.
        • This marked the first Ramadan in the age of Islam.
    • The killing of Abu Jahl:
      • Those who have ever hurt the Prophet Muhammud (SAW) and have put in effort to destroy Islam Abu Jahl is among the top of the list.
        • The Battle of Badr could have been avoided had Abu Jahl didn't insist that the Quraysh destroy Muhammud (SAW) and his followers.
          • With that  Abu Jahl managed to fuel the emotions of the Quraysh and convinced them that for the occurrence of the battle to happen was for the people to save pride in the eyes of the rest of the Arab tribes.
            • While Abu Jahl was commanding for war he didn't know he was about to perish in battle.
    • Sayyidatuna Aishah Radiya Allahu 'Anha passed away:
      • On the seventeenth day of Ramadan (58 AH) Sayyidatuna Aishah Radiya Allahu 'Anha passed away.
        • She was the third women the Prophet Muhammud (SAW) married.
          • When her companions doubted any ruling in Islam the best who could give them a certain response used to be Sayyidatuna Aishah Radiya Allahu 'Anha.
            • A quarter of the teachings of Islam were narrated by Sayyidatuna Aishah Radiya Allahu 'Anha.
    • The Mongols defeated:
      • The Mongols created havoc across the Earth; Mamluk Sultan Qutuz of Egypt realised he was to tae take a stand.
        • This stand was not only for Muslims bu the rst of the world's population.
          • So on the fifteenth day of Ramadan in the year 658 (AH- Annoh Hegirae- dates  in this era are denoted) Qutuz led the Muslims in a battle against the Mongolians at the Spring of Goliath (Ain Jalut) which was the first  ever defeat for the Mongols.


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