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  • Islamic beliefs
    • Predestination
      • Predestined means that all events have been willed by God in advance
      • Al Qadr is the Islamic word for predestination and it means 'decree of Allah'
      • Predestination is one of the 6 articles of faith
      • Qadr tells us that God has measured parts of our life and His knowledge is unlimited
      • Muslims believe that Allah has planned everything but we still have free will
      • "Say, "Never will we be struck except by what Allah has decreed for us; He is our protector." And upon Allah let the believers rely" Quran 9:51
        • This tells us that nothing will happen except by the power and will of Allah. Muslims believe and put their trust in Allah in whatever has been predestined for them
      • "Whoever does righteousness - it is for his [own] soul; and whoever does evil [does so] against it. And your Lord is not ever unjust [His] servants" Quran 41:46
        • This tells us that humans are still accountable and responsible for their actions, both good deeds and bad deeds. Although everything is predestined to happen, we still have free-will and choice
      • Qadr impacts the life of a Muslim because:
        • They put their trust in Allah
        • They exercise free will and follow the Quran and Sunnah
        • It allows them to deal with calamities and problems
        • They remember that everything happens due to Allah's decree
        • They strive to do good and forbid evil
        • It causes them to remember that God is all knowing
    • Imamates
      • One of the 5 roots of Usul Ad-Din (5 roots of faith) of Shi'a belief
      • Imamates were the leaders of Shi'a Muslims
      • The first Imam was Ali who was a relative of Prophet Muhammad, he was Muhammad's cousin
      • All Imams were blood relatives of Prophet Muhammad
      • In Sunni Islam, Imam means something totally different
        • Imams in Sunni Islam are leaders of prayer
      • Most Shi'a Muslims believe there have been twelve Imams
        • These Shi'a's are called twelvers
      • Imamate means the lineage of Imams
      • Imams are believed to have been specially chosen by Allah
      • Imams are believed to have had a special ability to understand the Quran
    • Life after death
      • Their body will be resurrected on the Day of Judgement
      • We will either be sent to paradise (al' Jannah) or Hell (Jahannan)
        • Heaven is a reward for those who do good
          • "For them will be gardens which beneath rivers will flow"
        • Hell is the punishment for those who rejected God
          • "Fear the fire whose fuel is men and stories"
      • The angel of death will first take a person's soul to barzakh which is the stage between the moment of death and facing judgement
      • There is a direct link between predestination and the Day of Judgement as Muslims believe that once this day comes, it is too late to beg for forgiveness for wrongdoings
      • "... and ward of the fire which has been prepared for the disbelievers." Quran 3:131
      • The 5 pillars of Islam should be kept to at all times as this will secure a good afterlife
      • The afterlife gives our lives meaning and purpose
      • It is taught by Muhammad who is the perfect example for Muslims


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