Islamic beliefs

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  • Islamic beliefs; by Lauren Darbyshire
    • Key words
      • Muslim= someone who has submitted to the will of god and has accepted islam
      • Allah= Arabic name for God
      • Tawhid= Oneness of god
      • Muhammed=Final prophet of islam
      • Shari'ah law= Islamic law
      • Had'ith= The written record of Muhammads actions and sayings.
      • Sunnah= The practices + traditions of Muhammad.
    • Sunni and shia
      • Sunni Believe: Only one god, Allah is eternal, Angels receive human souls from the dead, holy books are sources of authority, Muhammad is the most important prophet, All humanity is judged by god, life is a test, Good knows everything, everything is ordered by allah.
      • Shia believe: only one god,  Imamates are protectors of the faith, Allah is just and wise, Muhammed was gods last prophet, after death humans face God's judgement, Humans are physically resurrected.
    • Holy books
      • Torah= the five books revealed to moses by God
      • The psalms= a holy book revealed by God to david
      • The gospel= a holy book revealed by God to Jesus
      • a holy book revealed by god to Abraham
    • After life
      • All Muslims should follow the teachings of the Qu'ran and Shari'ah law. They will try to be a good Muslim like the Prophet Muhammad. They must act the way allah wishes, which is to care for others and not cause harm. Muslims believe Allah sees everything they do and will be judged on this in the afterlife so will try and please him


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