Islam Practices- The Five Pillars of Islam

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  • Five Pillars of Islam
    • Shahadah
      • "There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the prophet of Allah"
        • Sincerely reciting this statement in front of Muslims witnesses for joining the Muslim community
      • Most basic belief in Islam
      • Included in the daily prayers
    • Hajj
  • Saum
    • "There are so many that fast all day and pray all night, but they gain nothing but hunger and sleeplessnes"
    • "O Believers, you must fast so that you learn self-restraint. Fasting is prescribed for you during a fixed number of days, so that you may safeguard yourselves against moral and spiritual ills"
    • Fasting which occurs during the month of Ramadan
      • Fasting- not eating or drinking in daylight hours
        • The fast is broken with a meal (iftar) after sunset with family and friends
    • The month of Ramadan was chosen in the first revelation to Muhammad (Night of Power) which is celebrated on the 27th of Ramadan
    • Purpose?
      • to focus attention on God
      • expected to study the Qur'an and give to charity


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