Islam Practices- Hajj Origins

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  • Hajj origins
    • Adam and Eve gave in to temptation and had to wander the earth but God watched over them and they were eventually forgiven
      • They were reunited on the plain of Arafat where there is still a small hill called Mount Arafat
        • In gratitude to God, Adam built a simple nearby shrine. This was the al-Bait al-Haram which is later where the Ka'bah would be built
          • During Hajj, Muslims stand on the Plain of Arafat on the ninth of Dhul-Hijjah and believe this brings total forgiveness of sins. This is called Wuquf
    • Ibrahim, Hajira and Ishmael were then troubled by a stange old man (the devil in disguise). They were told that only the devil would ask someone to kill their own child.
      • They resisted the stanger and, believing that it was God's will and threw stones at him
        • Ibrahim was later stopped from killing Ishmael and a ram was sacrificed instead.
    • Ibrahim was told by God to take Hajira and Ishmael to Arabia. He was to leave them there with supplies food or water
      • Their supplies soon ran out and they were hungry and thristy so Hajira ran back and fourth between the 2 small hills Safa and Marwah
        • She collapsed next to Ishmael and a spring gushed from his feet (the well of Zamzam)
          • They traded this water and Ishamel was told by God to build a shrine dedicated to him which is the Ka'aba- a pure place of worship, and people were to be called there to perform Hajj


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