Islam and attitudes to bullying

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  • Islam and attitudes to bullying - against all forms
    • Islamic society is based on the rule of law and mutual respect between member of that society. Bullies have no respect
    • Violence without a just cause is a sin. Bullying always involves violence either physical or verbal
    • All Muslims are part of the ummah the worldwide Muslim community and all should be treated equally and respectfully. Bullying acts against the ummah
    • Duty of Muslims to protect the weak and innocent. Bullying exploits the weak so it is a sin
    • Muhammad said in his final sermon that 'every Muslim is a brother to every Muslim'. No one should bully their brother so you should not bully any one
    • In a democracy everyone has human rights including the right to live free form fear. Muslim law schools teach Muslims to defend human rights so they should not bully


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