Isabella; or, The Pot of Basil: Key Quotes

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  • Isabella; or, The Pot of Basil: Key Quotes (pt. 1)
  • "young palmer in Love's eye"
    • description of Lorenzo immediately offers us an image of a character who pines after love in the same way that pilgrims (palmers) in the Middle Ages religiously travelled to the Holy Land
  • "malady"
    • Love referred to as a sickness. demonstrates extent of their love and also foreshadows Isabella's mental illness to come
  • "nightly weep"
    • forbidden love between Lorenzo and Isabella causes bears physical turmoil and suffering; extent of their love
  • "tenderer (x2)/pleasanter"
    • stanza 2. repetition of tenderer shows that their love is continually growing and becoming more impassioned; use of superlative emphasises this
  • "house, field or garden"
    • stanza 2. reference to the domestic shows the delicacy of their love; also links with the nature and the purity of their love
  • "fell sick/fell thin"
    • stanza 5. significant that Isabella's emotionality and 'lovesickness'now has physical symptoms; demonstratesstrength of their love
  • "I will drink her tears...startle off her cares."
    • stanza 5. foreshadowing of events to come when Lorenzo's head literally absorbs her tears and this becomes a source of comfort to Isabella; she becomes obsessive over the head and it keeps her mind away from the "scares" of reality
  • "his heart beat awfully"
    • stanza 6. further evidence of love being pain
  • "passion is both meek and wild"
    • stanza 6. oxymoron which reflects a conflict of emotions within love
  • "a dreary night of love and misery"
    • stanza 7. love is a complicated experience for Lorenzo and Isabella
  • "wintry cold"
    • stanza 9. natural imagery and allusions in reference to their love
  • "summer clime"
    • stanza 9. their love extends over long periods of time. strong enough to change the seasons to Lorenzo
    • stanza 9. natural imagery and allusions in reference to their love
  • "grew, like a lusty flower."
    • stanza 9. theme of growth; use of simile shows that their love is flourishing like a flower
  • "tread upon the air"
    • stanza 10. idealistic and heaven-like nature of their love
  • "twin roses by the zephyr blown apart"
    • stanza 10. juxtaposing ideas of a zephyr (soft gentle breeze) blowing apart (quite vicious/strong) two roses; delicacy of their love
  • "pleasant veil" [of the stars]
    • stanza 11. nature reflects the beauty and tenderness of their love; natural imagery/allusions suggests purity of their love
  • "too many/too much" x2
    • stanza 12. repetition shows the excessive and melodramatic nature of their love
  • "richest juice in poison flowers."
    • stanza 13. theme of love being painful and harmful; Keats saying that the strongest and more impassioned of loves do not come without the 'poison' of pain and heartache; foreshadowing
  • Stanza 1-13


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