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  • Isabella
    • A01
      • Opposition between the worlds of romantic enchantment and cold reality
      • Young love, sexual passion, sensual richness and idealism vs capitalism and rationality
      • Rich life senses and imagination vs the poverty of daily life
    • A04
      • Loss of identity
      • Fate
      • Shame
      • Villains and victims
      • Tragic Protagonist
        • Is there no hero (or at least an Aristole type) because love can't be saved in today's reality?
        • 'Fair Isabel, poor simple Isabel'
        • 'She had died in drowsy ignorance'
        • 'Filling it once more with human soul'
        • 'For simple Isabel is soon to be among dead'
        • 'Her tears kept forever wet'
      • Villain
        • 'cruel'
        • 'plan to coax her by degrees to some high nobel and his olive-trees'
      • Victim
        • 'cruel clay'
        • 'high conceit of such a bride'
        • 'beautiful it grew'
        • 'so dearly prized'
    • A05
      • Since Lorenzo's head being in the pot, the narrative talks of his hair being in good condition
        • Could be said that Isabella's tears and despair essentially gives life to Lorenzo
    • A02
      • Identity
        • 'Sweet Isabella untouched cheek'
        • 'She had no knowledge when the day was done'
        • 'Youth and beauty should not be thrown aside'
      • Other key quotes
        • 'Fed it with tears'
        • 'Love never dies, but lives'


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