Is the our weather getting worse

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  • Is the our weather getting worse
    • looking at the case study of the 2012 in the uk where there was a large variety of extreme weather events
    • flooding
      • severe flash floods
        • small village of Hebden in Yorkshire
          • Hebden Bridge floods once every five years
            • in 2012 it flooded badly on the 24th june, 6th july and 10h july
              • 500 businesses and homes were damaged
            • flood recurrence interval (estimate of the likeliness that a flood will return )
      • April was the wettest April of the century
      • causes of Hebden
        • ground became heavily saturated so surface run off wasn't intercepted
        • building on flood plains increased the flood risk
          • flood plains attract people because they're on flat land and near infrastructure
          • people like living near canals due to their beauty
        • urbanisation eg paving in gardens reduced interception
        • climate change
        • climate change
          • increase in temperatures leads to an increase in air rising and forming rain clouds
    • increase in temperature
      • Dr simon Boxall from Southampton university investigates weather wierding and he concludes that the last 8 years have been the warmest on record
      • met office has been recording weather data using super computers
        • great britains Weather has increased by 1°C
          • more temperature means more moisture leading to extreme weather events such as hurricanes
            • since 1970's the amount of moisture In the earth's atmosphere has increased by 4%
              • lead to more tornadoes
                • Birmingham tornado 2005, caused £10 million pounds worth of damage per minute
      • 2003 3000 people were killed
        • predicted that 11,000 people could be killed by 2080
      • climate change due to an increase of co2 in the atmosphere, enhanced green house effect
    • our weather isnt becoming worse
      • Hebden isn't an appropriate example
        • the flood recurrence interval was increased due to
          • saturated soils
          • village built on a flood plain
          • surrounded by a steep hill valey
          • increase of urbanisation
          • these increased the flood and made them more frequent
      • British are fascinated by our weather
      • Media gives the public what they want so we are bombarded with weather news
        • This can create the idea that our weather is becoming more frequent but really it is our knowledge of weather that is increasing
        • Drama sells news
      • more efficient at recording weather
        • since 1772 we have been able to record weather
        • Met office use super computers to manipulate the weather data and predict future weather
    • Jet streams out of line
      • 4 bands of air moving at 200 mph
      • 2012 spring they moved north bringing dry drought conditions
      • in the summer it moved south causing wet cold weather
      • weather seemed unusual
    • we've seen weather like this before
      • in 1031 the church spire of a roof was destroyed and it s thought the cause was a tornado
  • we've seen weather like this before
    • in 1031 the church spire of a roof was destroyed and it s thought the cause was a tornado


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