Is the family universal?? :D

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  • Is the family universal??
    • What did Murdock say?
      • Murdock said that the nuclear family is universal, and that they all share 4 functions!
        • SEXUAL: A healthy sex life, stabilizes the family. It prevents affairs, and keeps the family together.
        • ECONOMIC: Financial support to the family.
        • EDUCATION: . Primary socialisation!
        • REPRODUCTION: Production of the new generation.
    • YES
      • Murdock studied 250 different societies, therefore, his research is true.
        • BUT... His research may be biased, and it is impossible to study every single household in 250 societies.
      • BUT.. It can be argued that Matrifocal families are only the minority, therefore, the nuclear family still dominates and is still the norm.
    • NO
      • Banaro of New Guinea: Husbands could not have sex with their wives until she gave birth to her first child; fathered by  friend of her fathers.
      • MATRIFOCAL FAMILIES are common in Afro-Carribean cultures!
      • Gay families obviously do not have a man and a woman caring for their dependent child.


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